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Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

We are a small independent Scottish Charity SC050157 based in Dykehead, Shotts and provide support to local villages in the surrounding area. We operate a community fridge at the following sites:

Salsburgh Community Centre

 Monday 12 to 1.30pm

Shotts Station Rd Shop

 Tuesday 11.30 to 1pm

Harthill Community Education Centre

 Wednesday 12 to 1.30pm

Allanton Church

 Friday 12 to 1.30pm

Our Mission

Is to help those who are living with food Insecurity/poverty. We believe strongly in providing nourishing food for our families and aim to provide them with fresh protein, dairy, fruit and veg on a weekly basis. 

How You Can Help


If you would like to volunteer please call us on the number provided or by popping into the shop when we are opn


You can provide donations of food to our shop when we are open. All produce must be within best by date and unopened. We also accept donations of bags for life and money. If you would like to make a financial donation you can either pop into the store or make the donation on the web site

Help With Hunger By Donating Today!